Movie News: Latest Movie Reviews And Release of 2015

movie newsA lot of cinema fanatics get fascinated with fun and excitement when they hear the word Hollywood. Hollywood is famous for its movie business. Now, because of this, the term Hollywood has become a name for the film business. This film business has been providing superb upcoming movie news to a lot of people. Still, people could be seen reading Hollywood latest movie news keenly to decide which one of these must be enjoyed first. This business takes care of people of each interest through directing and producing on different themes like historical, romantic, science fiction, comedy and action.

In this season, this business provides some good entertainment packages. According to the current movie news, Jurassic World, The Furious 7, Age of the Ultron as well as Minions have grossed more than 1 billion each, which makes them the twenty second, twentieth and twenty third movies to exceed that milestone. Crrently, they are the 3rd, 5th and 18th highest grossing movies of all time respectively according to the current movie news.

The movie The Minions became the 3rd animated movie after Frozen and Toy Story to gross over one billion and the 1st non-Disney animated movie. This is also the 3rd highest grossing animated movie of all time. The Jurassic World and Furious 7 also became the fourth and the third to gross over one billion outside North America, joining Avatar and Titanic.

Studio Records

According to the movie news and rumors, it’s the 1st year that Universal Pictures studio has 3 movies that all grossed more than one billion, the 1st year that one studio has 2 movies that both had more than 1.5 billion dollars and also the 1st year that one studio has 2 movies that have more than billion gross incomes outside North America.

Universal Pictures became the quickest studio to make 2 billion and 3 billion in one year at the worldwide box office, on the 10th and 14th of June and on the 17th of July of the current year respectively. The past records were held by the 20th Century Fox. This studio reach 2 billion and 3 billion on the 15th and 30th of June year 2010 respectively and for Universal Studio, its past record for quickest to 2 billion was 2013 on September 17th. It broke the record for the fastest studio to make one billion in Canada and US on the 14th of June 2015, beating the past record obtained by Paramount on the 22nd of June 2008 and 2 billion dollars on the 16th of August 2015, beating the past fast record of 25th of December 2009 held by Warner Brothers and the speed record to 3 billion, four and five billion dollars worldwide. It obtained the five billion dollar milestones on the 17th of July 2015, breaking the record that is held previously by Fox. Universal Pictures is the first studio to get six billion dollars at the international box office in a single year.

Movie Records

The movie Furious 7 is considered the fastest movie to accumulate one billion dollar ticket sales all over the world, happening in just seventeen day and this record was in a while exceeded by Universal Picture’s movie Jurassic Park 2 months later, accumulating a similar amount in just 13 days. At present, Furious 7 holds the maximum gross for a movie that wasn’t the maximum grossing movie of its year, exceeding Iron Man III.

The Jurassic World, on the other hand, grossed half billion worldwide in just a matter of days of showing, making this film the highest grossing of all time. This exceeds Harry Potter 2. Jurassic Park also obtained 208 million dollars in North America in the opening weekend. This surpassed the record of the movie The Avengers in 2012 that has 207.4 million dollars.

2015 presently ties year 2012 for the best number of movies to gross over one billion with 4 movies and also sets the record for the best number of movies crossing the 1.5 billion mark, with 2 movies.

Some other popular movies that grossed millions this year include Fantastic Four, Terminator Genysis, Mission Impossible and Mad Max.

2015 is not yet over, so there are movies that will surely become a big hit. According to the latest movie news, some of the anticipated movies this last quarter of the year are the Maze Runner 2, The Everest, a true-to-life movie, The Hunger Games 3, Star Wars and Alvin and the Chipmunks.

These interesting movies released or upcoming releases provide the best entertainment to movie fanatics. If you want to know the new movie news and the latest happening in Hollywood, you can visit the web. There are portals and sites out there that offer information about the latest trend in the Hollywood movie business.